To provide an exceptional lacrosse experience to our community's youth and families in the Escondido, Fallbrook, and Valley Center region.
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Our next games are Sunday, October 26th, our final games and champioships!




Games' schedule for October 26th:


JV vs East @ 1PM (West Rink)

JV vs East Championship @ 2PM (West Rink)


Varsity vs Carlsbad @ 1PM (East Rink)

Semifinal Varsity vs TBD @ 4PM (West Rink)

Championship Varsity vs TBD @ 5PM (West Rink)


See you at the rinks!  Contact me if you have any questions.


Morgan Rogers

Coyotes Lacrosse



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Coy-o-te  (kī ō’ tē, kī’ ōt) , n., pl. –tes, (esp. collectively) –te
1. a wolflike, medium-sized North American candid, Canis latrans
2. a fierce, aggressive, skilled, conditioned, intelligent, and loyal member of the Coyotes Lacrosse family.    
The Coyote is well known as the icon of the wild in the deserts.  Native Americans knew him as a trickster, a clever and cunning brother capable of both good and bad.  The Chemehuevi Indian legends describe him as the father of all men.